Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the minimum order so high?

We understand it's a big commitment to order hundreds pairs of socks for the first time. In order for us to offer the best prices, we do need a minimum order quantity. Simply said: our socks machines keeps our business alive when it's running at least 12-14 hours a day. Our capacity sits anywhere between 100-400 socks produced per hour. Plus, having a higher quantity, gives us more negotiation room with our shipping partner. That's why we need a minimum order quantity of 500.

Besides, we are pretty confident about the quality, performance and comfort of our socks and we believe that you and your community will too!

Where are the custom socks manufactured?

Our company and factory is based in Vietnam.

How long does it take for you to deliver the order?

We strive to have your order delivered in 4 weeks after you have approved the final designs/samples. The leadtime also depends on the order size, difficulty, factory availability and shipping availability. But usually it takes between 5-6 weeks after the first deposit payment has been received.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we do offer samples. You pay shipping costs + cost of sample. You can ask for your custom sock samples or our blank athletic custom sock sample. We also offer videocalls to show your custom socks samples. This saves time as we are not in control of shipping times for your socks samples

What are your warranty policies?

We believe in our product and our MVP service. Your satisfaction is our success. Although our socks are made from high quality materials and we do thorough quality checks, it may be that some custom socks have imperfections. In general, we manage an error margin of maximum 15% for each order. We will refund the amount paid for the faulted socks when it exceeds the threshold of 15% error margin. Below the threshold, we will refund 20%. DISCLAIMER: your deposit will not be refunded.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship your order worldwide FOR FREE! We mainly ship with UPS, DHL or FEDEX, depending on availability.

How long does shipping take?

This really depends on the order size, your country's border customs and current rules for shipping during COVID-19. Normally, our shipping partners can deliver in 7 working days to USA after shipped from Vietnam. When shipped, you'll receive your trackingcode.

How about taxes and import taxes?

Our pricing is excluded any taxes or import taxes. That means the buyer acknowledges and takes responsibility of import taxes or any other duty taxes that may occur. However, we are doing our best to try and minimize the eventual tax import costs by working closely with the client to minimize taxes where possible

OEM Socks Factory

Yes, we do OEM socks. On high MOQ, you get more discount and OEM services for your other clients.

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