Your own branded Custom Socks In 3 Simple Steps

Customize socks for your team, organization, sponsors, business or events. Personalized socks are great marketing/promotion materials for your brand. Get your own custom socks with 3 simple steps
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custom socks length

Step 1: Choose your length

We provide 2 standard lengths: mid and crew socks. Other lengths are also possible. Please contact us!

designing custom socks

Step 2: Designing your socks

Send your design or if you don’t have a design, work with our dedicated design team to create the personalized socks you want! Videocall is also possible and highly recommended.

ordering custom sports socks

Step 3: Order your custom socks

Receive real samples or have a videocall with our team to check your design. After your confirmation and deposit (mentioned in contract) place your order with your key contactperson and we'll strive for a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

best service manufacturing

Optimal service, high quality custom socks for best-in-industry prices

We take pride in our customer service levels which are not comparable with other Asian manufacturers. When you work with us, you will work directly with the international team of our manufacturing partner. 100% English!

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