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Max performance & comfort with our specially designed athletic socks

Our custom socks are designed for sports, and we guarantee that athletes will love it. Customize the colors, the logo or design on the socks to make them unique! We have a wide variety of customizable options available so you can find something perfect for your team, school, boosterclub and more. These custom socks are comfortable, ultra customizable, Game-ready & best priced in the industry. It's functional AND comfortable. We currently offer 1 type of athletic socks, but it's highly customizable with almost any color and logo.

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custom socks comfort

All-Day Comfort Guaranteed

We've developed these socks with comfort as top priority. The strategically placed padding in the forefoot and extra cushioning on heel, ensures you have a comfortable feeling while making your explosive moves

non slipping sports socks

Never worry about your socks slipping

The material we use is specially blended to ensure that you won't have any problems with your socks slipping down. No more worrying about this before or during games, training sessions and other sweaty occasions!

customizable sports socks

Breathable, Lightweight, Durable and fully-customizable socks

With our socks, you can perform at your best and stay cool all day. Made with an extra layer of padding under the foot to minimize discomfort from occurring due to constant high intensity movements. We've also implemented a layer of blend of polyester + cotton with a precisely perforated design to keep your feet cool during high intensity movements. We use top quality knitting technique which creates almost any design imaginable. If your logo is not suited for knitting, we will use embroidery for maximum results.

make custom socks for athletes

Athletic Performance Custom Socks. Created for Pro's, worn by fans & everyone else

We've provided athletic custom socks for the official Belgian Basketball All Star Game 2019. Professional basketball players wore our custom socks in the the ALL STAR Game. The story behind these socks are inspiring. These custom socks were made to support a charity to fight against cancer! With national TV media coverage and social media presence, our socks couldn't be missed!

Quality Assurance: our factory has been operating for over 20 years

We have a 1000m2 facility in Vietnam with over 100 socks knitting machines, which are capable of producing up to 200.000 pairs of socks per month. We've produced socks for brands in countries worldwide such as Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Holland, USA and Korea. We've also manufactured for top brands like Google, Monster Energy, Coolmate, miscellaneous USA schools, charities & one of the largest basketball stores in Europe (BW). Quality & great service is guaranteed.

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